Depth—Deep & Shallow

I used the opportunity of a weekend trip to Blackfoot to photograph some of my favorite people, places, and animals. The assignment in my photography class dictated I take at least two shallow depth photos and two wide depth photos. I admit I’m partial to shallow depth photos, but the wide depth turned out all right.

Donkey See Donkey Do: 10-5-18 5:48 p.m. Blackfoot, Idaho; 50mm; F/stop: f/1.8; SS: 1/640; Sony A6000

This is Juan Burrito. He was quite difficult to photograph because he wanted to eat the camera, but while running away from him I managed to get this shot. I love it because you can see his little body and feel his cuteness leap out of the photo. I used the lowest aperture possible on my prime lens to capture Juan because I want him to be the focus and there isn’t anything particularly interesting behind him.

Don’t Burn the House Down: 10-7-18 12:37 a.m. Blackfoot, Idaho; 50mm; F/stop: f/1.8; SS: 1/30; Sony A6000-Tripod

This is my little (basically) brother. His parents are in Costa Rica right now so I was supervising him and his older sister this weekend to make sure they didn’t burn the house down. After watching this kid play with dangerous equipment it was easy to understand why a 15-year-old needs supervision. I used a narrow aperture not only to make sure my picture was exposed properly but to make sure the subject is at the forefront of the photo. I also really love the bokeh background combined with the flash and smoke from the welding.

Here We Have Idaho: 10-7-18 12:27 a.m. Blackfoot, Idaho; 50mm; F/stop: f/22; SS: 1/80; Sony A6000-Tripod

On my way home the light hit this field beautifully so I pulled over and snapped this picture. I’m glad I had my camera on hand because it captured the essence of Idaho: green fields, blue mountains, and low clouds. I wanted everything in focus so I used the widest aperture possible.



Emergency Pool: 10-9-18 4:37 a.m. Rexburg, Idaho; 50mm; F/stop: f/22; SS: 25.0 sec; Sony A6000

This photo was an emergency photo. I realized almost all the pictures I had taken in the last week had been narrow depth photos! So I ran out to the lobby in my apartment and found things to photograph. I tried taking this photo the other way so the natural light was behind me, but this one actually turned out better. I like the shadows falling into the photo instead of away from it. The lighting was terrible in the lobby so I used a long shutter speed.