Creative Series—Bannack Ghost Town

I went with my classmates to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana last week and got some great photos.

The first shown image is a levitation photo. I did this by photographing the subject standing on a bench, then removing the subject and taking the exact same photo. I then blended the two together in Photoshop and masked out the bench. I have shown all three images below.

The fourth and fifth images have a ghosting effect. I used a slow shutter speed and directed my subject to move midway through the shot.

This set of images are good examples of commercial photography. They could be used in an advertisement for cameras or photography skills.

I absolutely love concept photography and these images were so fun to take. In the first, I used photoshop to fill the frame with the image itself. I think this is a fun way to show off the couple and a little bit of spunk.

The second image I shot in sepia so the effect came through on camera. I barely touched it with editing programs. I love it because it gives the photo an old feel. It sends me back to The Wizard of Oz for some reason. It’s probably my favorite photo.


Actually these last images are my favorite. I had a lot of fun putting things in frames with photoshop this shoot. I actually planned the shots before we arrived in Montana and I was so excited! I’m glad they turned out.