Macro Photos

I’ve been waiting to take these photos all semester! I love macro photography because of how unique things look close up. Macro photography is like taking a magnifying scope to the world and you seem some incredible things.

At the same time you don’t see everything around your focus. I took all of these pictures in a classroom. Our lights were set up on books and our subjects were standing on ugly card tables. Despite their surroundings these images still all turned out beautiful.

I sprayed the flower with water on this first image to give it an extra element of focus. I love the bright orange flower popping out of the background where you can see the stems of other flowers.

This might be my favorite photo. It wasn’t that hard to take either! We propped up a small sheet of glass on two stacks of books and scatted spinkles underneath it. Then we placed drops of water on the glass and a continuous light next to it. The result is a colorful background with magnified sprinkles in the water.

I love this particular picture because the water droplets donut-ed out so I have rainbow sprinkled donuts in my photo!

This was just me messing around with a little elephant and a bottle. I like the darkness in the photo as compared to the previous two, it’s a completely different feeling.

Also a dark photo, this one was all about set up. I had a little pile of keys and locks and I set up this pocketwatch in the middle. The pile of keys really makes the watchface pop out.