Top 5 Photos

These are my top five photos from the last three months in the digital imaging class. I have loved learning how to get a fresh perspective and find the focal point in my photos. I’ve learned to use the light I have and add light to make my photos come alive. Each of these five photos emphasizes a different skill I learned to use this semester.

For example, I really focused on composition here. I wanted the camera to be the focal point, so I made sure it was the darkest object in the photo. I used photoshop to add a vignette and increase the clarity of the image, as well as enhance the bokeh effect. I love this photo because it’s so simple, but there are so many different textures.

I used the skills I learned about photoshop in this photo to take out the contents of the frame. I took two pictures originally, one with the girl holding the frame and the second without her, and then layered them together. The photo with her went on top of the photo without her and then I masked out the contents of the frame to reveal the photo underneath. Then I used the gradient tool to make the sky a really beautiful blue and the exposure tool brighten the subject. I love this photo because it makes you look twice!

My favorite part about the Bannack Montana trip was working with the models. It’s one of those skills that plays a backstage role in your photography, but really matters. I had so much fun talking and joking with them to make them smile. This photo is my favorite because of the look on the model’s face. I didn’t ask him to do that, we were just talking, and he smirked at something I said. I absolutely love this photo just for that reason.

Another modeling photo, but this one is my favorite for a different reason. I love this photo because I finally grasped a basic understanding of light during the entire shoot where this image was taken. We went out in the evening when the sun was going down. I had my back to the sun, but it wasn’t enough to blind my model. It hit her just right. In post I darkened the truck and brought up the exposure on the model just a tiny bit and the result is beautiful.

My last best image is all about speed. I never understood how to freeze or blur motion until I took the digital imaging class. Once I figured it out, I started looking for things to freeze or blur. My friends and I went up to Mesa Falls and I shot this picture. I love how I can see each droplet of water and how the colors of blue and green mix together. It’s my favorite photo to just look at.