Just A Thought

This morning I woke up late.

On Tuesdays, two other volunteers and I head up to the school early to teach. Something in the kid’s schedule makes Tuesdays hard for about 10 or 11 of them to come during the normal hours so we wake up earlier for them.

Or at least we’re supposed to.

I stayed up until 12:30 last night watching The Last Song because…Liam Hemsworth…do I need a better reason?

I forgot it was Tuesday and figured I would make up for my lost sleep in the morning, not so. My cousin said 20 minutes before I had to leave, “Sam, aren’t you teaching this morning?”

I’ve only jumped out of bed that fast a few times in my life and one of them was when a mouse took a nap on my chest while I was sleeping.

I hurried and washed my face and brushed my teeth. My short hair basically did itself and all I had left to do was grab some clothes. It was actually pretty cold so I grabbed my favorite jumpsuit instead of a dress.

Jumpsuit pictured here.

In my haste I screwed up the zipper and it split right down the middle. Frustrated and lacking the time to fix the zipper I tried to take off the jumpsuit to change.

The other volunteers, Danielle and Celeste, were waiting outside while I struggled to get out of a one-piece article of clothing with a zipper stuck at my throat.

After delicately trying to unzip and not break the zipper and failing, I had to give it a little more umph.

I gave it about as much umph as Clark Kent gives his fancy button down when the world needs Superman.

In other words, I tore my jumpsuit open like the freaking Hulk.

Bye Bye jumpsit.

Which sucks because I loved that outfit.

Frustrated and more than a little sad I hurried and stripped the broken jumpsuit and threw on a skirt and plain white shirt.

I walked outside and saw the most vivid rainbow directly in front of me. The image of it at the top of this article doesn’t have a filter. It’s actually that clear and colorful, not to mention close.

At the risk of sounding too cheesy I won’t go into the whole schpeel about finding the rainbow in life after annoying or frustrating storms come our way.

But I will say this—That rainbow made my potentially awful day a good day.

The rainbow didn’t actually do anything. It’s just a bunch of colors formed by refraction and dispersion of the sun by rain. (Thank you Google)

But seeing the rainbow reminded me of what’s good in the world, and that inspired me to decide to have a good day instead of a bad day.

To tell you the truth I was so frustrated with my jumpsuit and waking up late I didn’t want to have a good day. Maybe that’s just a me thing, but I have a good feeling it’s a you thing too.

But deep frustration and a broken jumpsuit weren’t the things keeping me from having a good day. They’re no excuse for frustration and anger. I’m the only one to blame for my own frustration.

In other words, what happens to you does not prevent you from being happy—You do.

You are the only one blocking your road to happiness and peace.


Just a thought.

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