Monkey Business

A news story I wrote for The Scroll, BYU-I's newspaper in June 2018.


Outdoor Leadership Opportunity

Description: An article I wrote for the school newspaper detailing the new class being offered in the recreation department. The article is available at  Date: May 2018 A new class focused on outdoor activities leadership development is now available on campus. Students interested in the management of outdoor activities can add this three-credit practicum titled … Continue reading Outdoor Leadership Opportunity

A Super Performance

Description: A review I wrote of Mike Super's magic show at BYU-Idaho in May 2018. The article is available at Date: May 2018 “Exciting,” “amazing,” “incredible,” “shocking” and “thrilling” were just a few reviews from last night’s viewers of Mike Super’s magic show. Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling,” sang Rexburg residents. The lights … Continue reading A Super Performance

Seven Solid Siesta Spots

Description: A listicle I wrote about the seven best places to sleep on campus at BYU-Idaho. Date: May 2018 Are you desperate for a nap, but don't have time to run home? Have you fallen asleep in class because you were up too late the night before? Do you need a comfy place to crash … Continue reading Seven Solid Siesta Spots

What Time Is It? Summertime

Description: A preview of the summer countdown at BYU-Idaho. The article can be found at Date: June 2018 When BYU-Idaho students think of summer, they probably think of sunshine. They crave popsicles. They dream about water fights. The countdown to summer can’t move fast enough. From June 18 to June 23 the countdown will … Continue reading What Time Is It? Summertime

Lending Hands

Description: A feature story I wrote for The Scroll about a unique service opportunity called Hands. Date: June 2018 On Wednesday, June 6th, room 127 of the Gordon B. Hinckley building was empty. Students trickled in and thumbed their phones, waiting for the “friends.” Friends in this setting refers to disabled Rexburg citizens and students … Continue reading Lending Hands