The Harrowing Adventures of Santa Cruz Pt. 1

I'll never be able to ride a roller coaster again. This summer I flew to Santa Cruz to go camping with a good friend and her family. They kindly invited my sorry self along for what turned out to be a very memorable week. On the third day of the trip we went to the Santa Cruz … Continue reading The Harrowing Adventures of Santa Cruz Pt. 1


The Harrowing Adventures of Santa Cruz Pt. 2

The first swoop of the ride threw my stomach against my spine and my head lolled against the seat restraints. I tried valiantly to withhold what I knew was coming. It didn't work. After Typhoon gained some momentum, it swung us into the air upside down. My body clenched, and my legs slammed against the … Continue reading The Harrowing Adventures of Santa Cruz Pt. 2

No One Will Remember

The Lie I Tell Myself Every Day My biggest fear is leaving a bad impression. Being a bad memory in someone else's mind. At one point I cared so much about what people thought of me it made me physically sick. Now I'm in a place where I don't know if I'm leaving a bad … Continue reading No One Will Remember

Pretending: How I Cope In Costa Rica

When I was little I remember pretending to have pets all over the place. I had bunnies in the bathroom and horses in the house. I thought I wanted a bunny and a horse more than anyone in the world. I would read books about them and pretend they were real. I daydreamed at home … Continue reading Pretending: How I Cope In Costa Rica

Beautiful Bella & A Lesson in Photography

My sister Bella hates getting her pictures taken. Unfortunately for her, our mother is very persistent. She insisted I take these pictures despite Bella's best efforts of aversion. During this shoot, my sister taught me that there is one thing which divides great photographers from brilliant photographers—the art of making people comfortable. You can't capture … Continue reading Beautiful Bella & A Lesson in Photography

The Journey Begins

Well, folks, it's really happening. In three months time, I'll be in Costa Rica! I'll be teaching English to first and second graders in the city of San Jose for four and a half months and I'm so excited! You can follow my adventure on my website and subscribe to email updates there. But despite the … Continue reading The Journey Begins

Miss Beautiful Me

Miss Beautiful Me by Samantha Lucille Johnson August 2017 A painting can boast of her beautiful self as she sits for display on her well-dusted shelf. She calls to the world, "Come look now, come see!" And they come from afar for "Miss Beautiful Me." Yet, with all of her fame and all of her … Continue reading Miss Beautiful Me

Against The Wind

The following message is a talk I delivered to a Tri-Stake fireside in my hometown of Blackfoot, Idaho. I was so grateful for the opportunity to speak to all those wonderful youth and leaders and hope you will find peace in these words like I did. A long time ago there lived a man named … Continue reading Against The Wind

To The Chariot Guy

Dear chariot guy, I've seen a lot of people. Today I saw someone new.  He looked like a college basketball player. He had a hat on backwards with an afro poking out the back. He pushed his wheelchair while the attendant behind him pushed another. It looked like a silver chariot. He grabbed his bag … Continue reading To The Chariot Guy