Singing In The Rain

Every new week brings different challenges and concerns, but this week must have been Satans birthday or something because we got hammered. Here are a few examples of some of the things that happened to Sister Goodwin and I which could have turned this week into a terrible one. 1. We got caught in DC… Continue reading Singing In The Rain

Fishers of Men

Bright and early this lovely July morning Sister Goodwin and I popped out of bed and went fishing with Bishop Wright and his family! We had a grand ole time and caught tons of cute little fish! Sister Goodwin even caught a bass we later cleaned, cooked, and ate! There's a picture in here of… Continue reading Fishers of Men

Truly Converted

This week I would like to include two pieces written by someone very dear to me. I know that her words can help you change your life and motivate you to be the change in someone elses. I hope you'll read them carefully and listen to what The Lord would have you do because of… Continue reading Truly Converted

My Dear Friends

To the youth of the Lewiston Idaho stake, Thank you so much for the letters you all wrote me! After a long day your notes of inspiration came as a breath of fresh air and relief. You built me up in a time of need and made me laugh off the stresses of missionary work.… Continue reading My Dear Friends

“They’re Fireflies”

It was dark night in Woodstock one day and Sister Goodwin and I had just finished saying our prayers. We climbed in our beds and started to fall asleep when I noticed something outside. The following conversation ensued; Me: "Hey Sister, do you see those little lights on in the trees outside?" Her: "Yeah! What… Continue reading “They’re Fireflies”

There’s No Place Like Woodstock

This last week I said goodbye to good ole Frederick! I sure will miss the AMAZING Frederick zone, my bean plant, and the zero cell service in our apartment. To celebrate my departure we cut Sister Guthrie's hair! I didn't do too shabby if I do say so myself. Oh I love you. I'm back… Continue reading There’s No Place Like Woodstock


Quick update this week because of transfers!!! But I'm going back to Woodstock! Zone Breakfast this morning!!! We made a mountain of pancakes! Almost 5 dozen eggs. Maybe 4 Pounds of Strawberries. Had a gallon of Syrup. And three Gallons of milk. Also I got to see Sister Sedillo and Sister MCkee this week at… Continue reading I’M GOING BACK TO WOODSTOCK.

My Cup of Tea

The first four days of this week (minus exchanges) seemed to be rejection after rejection. A few of them were mean. When someone starts telling you how you're going to Hell though, just smile and tell them how much God loves them.  As the conversation continues you'll quickly find that they're taking back everything they… Continue reading My Cup of Tea