Beautiful Bella & A Lesson in Photography

My sister Bella hates getting her pictures taken. Unfortunately for her, our mother is very persistent. She insisted I take these pictures despite Bella’s best efforts of aversion.

During this shoot my sister taught me that there is one thing which divides great photographers from brilliant photographers—the art of making people comfortable. You can’t capture comfort unless it’s felt. Happiness can’t be half-hearted. Sadness can’t be simulated. Peace can’t be pretended.

People have to experience what you want the picture to portray. So instead of picking out her outfit, I let her pick. She hates to be the center of attention so I grabbed her guitar (which she loves).

Instead of asking her to smile I brought over our dog who makes her smile. I talked with her and laughed with her as she made goofy faces and jammed to her favorite tunes.

I told her how great the pictures looked and how beautiful she is as I was taking the pictures. They turned out as beautiful and happy as she was in the moment they were taken.

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