Locally Lost Book Club: A WordPress Site

In the spring semester of 2019 I took a practicum class focused on helping students understand how to create and operate WordPress sites. I had previously created three sites using WordPress including this one, but I had always used the WordPress tools.

I created Locally Lost Book Club using a site building tool called Divi on the WordPress platform, but not with WordPress tools. It was an interesting and educational experience as I realized WordPress’s capacities are far less limited than I previously believed them to be.

For example, the use of add-ons was new to me. I knew they were available on different pricing plans than the ones I used, but had no idea the control they can give you over your website to be so powerful.

I created the logo, the written content and the design for this site but the pictures and the coding was done by freelance photographers and the Divi builder.

This site is not fleshed out and you’ll find many placeholders because the purpose was not to create content, but to create a functional site ready for content.

Locally Lost Book Club can be found here.